Use Sweet Treats As The Prizes For A Public Raffle

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A candy raffle will put a smile on the faces of those who enjoy sweet treats. The proceeds raised from this type of event can be used to fund a project that is designated to better the community that you live in. Purchase fresh candy varieties that are manufactured locally and that contain natural ingredients that your targeted audience will be anxious to sink their teeth into.

Visit A Local Shop To Sample Some Treats

If you live in an area that features a candy-making operation and public tours, participating in the activity may inspire you to purchase some specific varieties of candy. Hand-pulled taffy, maple syrup creations, or an array of jelly beans that are uniquely flavored may be included in a demonstration. Once you have completed the tour, step into the shop that showcases the products that are available to purchase.

You may be invited to sample homemade fudge or similar specialties that are for sale. If the shop contains large barrels or plastic tubs that are filled with the candy items and products are priced by weight, use a scoop to fill bags with the candy types that interest you. If you have planned in advance how you would like to set up the raffle, you will be able to pinpoint how many items you will need to set up the tables inside of the venue that is being held for the raffle.

Small containers or jars that are individually filled with candy can be lined up along each table, and you can request that the attendees place tickets inside holders or fill out slips of paper in hopes of winning one of the prizes.

Be Descriptive When Preparing The Displays

After you have prepared each gift item that is going to be raffled off, work on a labeling system that will inform the attendees about the types of candy that are on display. Include information about the name of each type of candy and the ingredients that were used to create each item.

This will help your guests determine which sweet treats to attempt to win through the raffle. Affix one label to the front of each display. After everyone has distributed their tickets or filled out slips for the raffle, stand in front of the group of people and beginning picking random tickets and slips that will be representative of the winners of the candy.